The most frequently asked questions about renting a sloop.

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Are there any hidden costs?

No, there are no hidden costs.

The prices of renting a sloop include a map of the area, fuel, cleaning costs, and taxes. This way there won’t be any nasty surprises afterwards!

Click here for an indication of the prices.

Can I rent a sloop without a license?

Yes, you can rent our sloops without a license.

Can I rent a sloop even if I don't have any experience (yet)?

We will give you a friendly welcome and will take the time to instruct you adequately. So it’s not a problem is you don’t have any experience prior to renting at Korvet. Please do give us a heads up so we can make sure we have the time to give you proper instuctions.

You do need to be 21 years or older to be able to rent a sloop at Korvet Boat Rental.

All of our sloops are very user friendly. It is possible to book a skipper. Please contact us via phone or email if you wish to book a skipper.  If something unfortunate does happen we will be closeby and will get you on your way as quickly as possible.

Are life vests mandatory?

No. Although we do advise outfitting childeren or people that can’t swim with life vests.

You can always rent life vests for the duration of you reservation. The cost of renting a life vest is €5,-. Please notify us beforehand if you want to rent life vests.

Can I bring my own snacks, drinks, etc. for on board?

Of course you can!

Did you forget something, or do you simply don’t want to carry large bags around? We have a large selection of snacks, lunches and drinks for on board. We even have some fleece blankets for if you get cold and have life vests you can rent.

Can I bring alcoholic beverages for on board?
Yes, but in moderation. The skipper can, like the driver of a car, have almost no alcoholic beverages before and while handling the sloop.
Will we recieve a map of the area to take with us?

Yes, when renting a sloop at Korvet Boat Rental you will always recieve a complimentary map of the area.

You can of course choose to plan your route before departure. Click here to plan a route beforehand and to find a map of the area surrounding the harbor.

Can I bring my dog with me?
Unfortunately, we cannot allow you to take dogs with you on the sloop.
Do I have to make a deposit?
Yes, the deposit is € 250,-. The easiest way is to pay this in cash, because we will be able to give it back at the end of you day. Of course you can pay with a debit card. At the end of your day we will give you your deposit back, if there is no damage to the boat.
Can I cancel the booking free of charge?
Yes, you can cancel your booking by phone up to 3 days before your reservation or move the booking to a different date.  

The booking date can be moved on the date of the booking itself because of rain, thunder or a storm.


Can I pay with a debit and credit card?
Yes, you can pay with cash, with a debit card, and with a credit card.
Where can I park my car?

Every reservation includes one free parking space on our parking lot.

Extra cars can be parked on the Scheendijk. Those parking spaces cost €3,- per day.

Is the sloop insured and how high is my deductible excess?

Yes, the boat is insured. Per incident a deductible excess of € 250,- is in place.

The following exclusions, among other things, apply:

  • Deliberate destruction of property
  • Participation in races
How old do I have to be to rent a sloop?
You have to be at least 21 years old and have to have identification at hand.

General Information

If you want to be sure that a boat will be available to you, it is recommended to book in advance.

Business hours:

  • April: 9am-8pm
  • May – August 9am-9pm
  • September: 9am-8pm
  • October: 9am-5pm

Renting hours:

  • minimum 2 hours
  • maximum 12 hours
  • Multi-day renting is possible – give us a call or send an email


  • Prices include gas and taxes
  • No cancellation cost
  • Deposit: €250,-
  • Minimum age is 21, ID is required
  • Pets are not allowed on board